Divorce & Family Law

Stock-Smile-03DIVORCE   The dissolution of marriage can create great emotional turmoil for the separating spouses and for any children involved in the marriage. Whether you are seeking a separation agreement or involved in a heated custody battle, we can help with these type divorce matters from negotiation to litigation with confidence.


  1. Establishment of a Separation Agreement

  2. Division of Marital Debts and Assets

  3. Division of Retirement Accounts

  4. Division of Marital Home Equity

  5. Division of Marital and Separate Personal Property

  6. Establishment of Child Custody and Visitation

  7. Determination of Child Support

  8. Determination of Spousal Support


Put our 15 years of divorce and family law experience from over a thousand family cases ranging from divorces, child abuse and neglect matters, custody and visitation trials to child support hearings to work for you in your divorce or family law matter.