Criminal & Traffic Defense



Colorado-Police-Arrest-Powers-For-Minor-Traffic-Violations-2-150x150Our law firm has over 17 years of experience. Attorney Yancey has the added insight other defense attorneys lack in that he was previously an assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for over two years before becoming a defense attorney. Our law firm has handled thousands of criminal and traffic matters which places us uniquely in a confident position to represent you in matters ranging from bond hearings, serious felony offenses, misdemeanor criminal and traffic matters, and juvenile crimes to criminal record expungments. 


FELONIES –  In Virginia, felony offenses are punishable by one year to life in prison or death with fines over $100,000.00. Attorney Yancey handled hundreds of serious felony drug cases as a prosecutor which has served him well in achieving favorable outcomes in defense of serious drug possession and drug distribution trials throughout Hampton Roads. Our firm has successfully handled murder, attempted murder, rape, robbery, and firearm cases before judges and juries.

MISDEMEANORS –  In Virginia, misdemeanor offenses are punishable by up to twelve months in jail and/or up to $2,500.00 in fines. In traffic cases, misdemeanor punishments apply with the added punishment of losing your privilege to drive for months or years. With thousands of successful defenses of criminal misdemeanor and traffic cases, our firm has the trusted expertise to give you the best defense in your case.

JUVENILE OFFENSES –  In Virginia, juvenile offenses include the same charges adults face with the difference being that punishment is much more relaxed. The punishment for juveniles ranges from probation to a stay in the juvenile detention facility to serious offender commitment in the Department of Juvenile Justice to certification to be tried and punished as an adult in circuit court. The danger of these offenses to juveniles is that felony convictions as a juvenile follow the juvenile into adulthood and can cause an adult with juvenile felony convictions to face a significantly greater punishment than may be expected.

BOND HEARINGS –  You generally get one opportunity for a bond hearing in General District Court and one bond hearing in Circuit Court. A person charged with a serious offense like burglary, robbery, murder, or possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs will be held by statute without a bond until a bond hearing is secured before a judge. The Court has to determine whether you are a flight risk not to return to court and whether you are a threat to yourself or the community in evaluating what type of bond should be granted, if any. Advocacy by our firm will ensure your best opportunity to have a bond granted.

CRIMINAL RECORD EXPUNGMENTS –  People who have been criminally charged but not convicted due to a not guilty finding, dismissal, or nolle pross qualify to have such charges legally removed from their criminal record permanently. For those who seek employment in the medical field, financial field, or seek employment or advancement in larger companies who check criminal records as part of their application process, an expungment is priceless to ensure that you are not fired for having an offense that violates an employers retention policy or that you are seriously considered for a new job or advancement within your company. Our firm offers this service to keep your criminal record clean of troublesome non-convictions.