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Ask Attorney Yancey: "How do most personal injury law firms handle accident cases? I heard you handle all aspects of your accident cases, without using a paralegal, and have received praise from your clients and other medical professionals for this. Why?"
Ask Attorney Yancey: "You listen so well and really hear your clients' concerns. You handle family cases at trial just as diligently as you negotiate separation agreements. What unique qualities in your background make you so effective in handling family cases?"
Ask Attorney Yancey: "Why are bond hearings so important to how you gage your handling of criminal cases?"
Ask Attorney Yancey: "Can theft or violent offense charges that did not result in convictions seriously hurt my opportunity for better future employment? How can I remove these charges from my criminal record?"
Ask Attorney Yancey: "I have credit card debt beyond my control and medical bills that I can not even make the monthly payments on. Can I file for bankruptcy to have these debts excused and give me some peace from creditors' calls?"
Ask Attorney Yancey: "My mother has medical and memory problems causing her to miss paying bills on time and mishandle other finances. Can a power of attorney give me legal rights to handle her financial affairs?"